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Which Size Should I Choose?

How do I decide which size shiplap I should use?

Let us help you pick out the right shiplap for you.  We offer two different common widths of shiplap, a 4 inch wide and 6 inch wide. Here is a breakdown to help you better understand the benefits and styles that come from using different shiplap widths.

Four inch shiplap is a highly desired look. These boards can be used to make an accent wall, or head board. They look great in smaller rooms like bathrooms and are very popular for using as wainscoting and Kitchen Island wraps. They can also be mixed and matched with other widths to create more unique looks.

Six inch wide shiplap boards are the most commonly used width of shiplap and also the most traditional. When installed on a wall, the six inch width seems to be in the perfect spot of not too wide and not too thin, giving it a more contemporary look.

Rooms with a taller ceiling benefit greatly from having Six inch wide shiplap boards installed vertically. This vertical look helps elongate the walls even more. When installed horizontally, they can make a room feel more expansive and modern and is commonly used in bigger rooms, like living rooms and dining rooms.

If you’re still not sure of which size is best for you feel free to contact us. One of our team member will be happy to help.